Adventure with the 3 and a half @ Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.

Finally we made it to our 1st jungle trekking with our 3 & a half years old big boy at Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia 😀

I believe a lot of you would have been to jungle trekking before but not with a kiddo right? What’s worrying the parents the most will be whether they’ll get injure? or maybe unknown insect bite? A giant snake maybe?! Those pops up in my mind before too, but since my wife insisted WE HAVE TO TRY, so here we are~


We pick the Jungle Walk No.1 which was easier and shorter, estimated around ~2KM which usually took around 1 hour or so for adults.  Blog-1001-2 Blog-1001-3

That’s my buddy, Troji and our guide for this adventure.

Mr. Mikel.

Blog-1001-5 Blog-1001-6

Blog-1001-7 Blog-1001-8

Big boy explorer~ Blog-1001-9 Blog-1001-10 Blog-1001-11

Guidance along the path.
Blog-1001-12 Blog-1001-13

Most of the path condition. Roots~Blog-1001-14 Blog-1001-15 Blog-1001-16 Blog-1001-17

While having a short break…Blog-1001-18 Blog-1001-19 Blog-1001-20

Blog-1001-21 Blog-1001-22

Digging for insects…Blog-1001-23 Blog-1001-24

Big boy need some help~

Keep exploring~

Formed naturally.
Blog-1001-27 Blog-1001-28

Beware of this…OUCH >.<Blog-1001-29

Troji : Lets move this log away!

Big Boy : We need some help!


Big Boy: More!

Blog-1001-31 Blog-1001-32

Big boy : Okay, i give up.
Blog-1001-33 Blog-1001-34 Blog-1001-35

Listen to me…Blog-1001-36 Blog-1001-37

Toughest climb.

Special thanks to Troji, Mr Mikel & Mr.Wast Mann for taking care of big boy throughout the whole journey.Blog-1001-38

Across the bushes and we are OUT!Blog-1001-39

You don’t need really professional outfits, awesome quality boots for an experience like this, all you need is to drag yourself out of your comfort zone, bring enough of water and some easy foods and you are good to go 🙂

p/s : Experience is to be gain.

The sooner you begin, the more you gain.

Live life!

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