Too much to share yet too little time.

I’ve not updated my blogsite for a month or more due to too much work yet too little time that i could allow myself to sit down, posting up a new entry for every assignment done and share everything i’ve been shooting lately  >.<  Apologies! Anyway i’m so blessed that over the month i got to know beautiful marrying couples, lovely family, adorable newborn baby and also an angel whose coming soon to this world! So happening isn’t it? I believe it’s the same for you too over the month right? 😀 Its mid December now meaning 2013 will be ending real soon with the celebration of the most exciting festive month for most of you, X’mas!!!~ and the brand new 2014 is just around the corner! So what’s next? A new plan, a new goal, and of course just before that, a Merry X’mas and new year gift for your beloved and yourself too!  Cheers! – Patrick

lksy1 lksy4 lksy2 Edited-1-2 Edited-10 Edit-1-7 Edit-1-8 aw1 aw2 marissa2 copy gf2 EDIT-1 aj6 aj9 aj7 aj5

Compile d&m2 d&m3 d&m6 d&m5 Hana1 Hana2 cs&ev1 cs&ev2

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