Family ‘Hot’ trip to Guang Zhou, China in August.

Busy August finally comes to an end and here i am to share some of the photos taken during our 5D4N trip to Guang Zhou, China in early August! Simply fun and random shots! πŸ˜€

All the photos were taken with Nikon D7000 paired with Nikon 12-24 and Sigma 30mm.


It was the hottest period when we were here @.@ But obviously you can easily get nicely expose photos throughout the day …big engineer Edited-1-5 Edited-1-4 Edited-1-7 Edited-1-10

Edited-1-9 Edited-1-8

rocker mei mei bridal outlet Edited-1-35

Even during night-time you can still feel the heat ~~~
Edited-1-20 Edited-1-21

Main attraction that you wouldn’t want to miss! The Chimelong Safari Park & International Circus!
Edited-1-25 Edited-1-31 Edited-1-37 Edited-1-38 Edited-1-39 Edited-1-40

Other places that we visited ~~~Edited-1-41 Edited-1-44 Edited-1-46 Edited-1-47 Edited-1-49 Edited-1-52 Edited-1-53 Edited-1-55 Edited-1-56 Edited-1-57 Edited-1-58 Edited-1-59 Edited-1-63 Edited-1-65 Edited-1-67 Edited-1-66 Edited-1-64

There it is~! Its more of a summarise collection πŸ˜€

If any info is require about the trip, please drop me a message! I’ll love to share! πŸ˜€

Thanks for the like!

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