6th day, Guiyuan Temple.

I am glad that we only came to visit the Guiyuan Temple on the 6th day of Chinese New Year, as i believe you can hardly find a way in on the first few days just because of the crowd, furthermore i am with two babies.


“Guiyuan Temple (simplified Chinese: 归元寺; traditional Chinese: 歸元寺; pinyin: Guīyuán Sì) is a Buddhist temple located on Cuiwei Rd., Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China. This part of Wuhan is the former Hanyang city.

It was built in Shunzhi 15th year (1658), Qing Dynasty. It has a land area of 4.67 acres (1.89 ha). The New Pavilion built in 1922 is the treasury of the temple.” – Wiki

DSC_2662 GuiYuan-2 GuiYuan-3 GuiYuan-4

“For happiness, for health, for wealth.”

What’s your belief? And what makes you believe? A reason.

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