From East Lake, Wuhan, China.

East Lake, on the 5th day of Chinese New Year.

About the East Lake …

” East Lake (Chinese: 东湖; pinyin: Dōng Hú) is a large lake within the city limits of Wuhan, China, and the largest urban lake in China. Wuhan’s East Lake covers an area of 33 square kilometers. It was designated as one of the 4A tourist zones of China in 2000. East Lake has a bird sanctuary, botanical garden, museums, boat rides, fishing, cycling, a public aquarium, and other activities for locals and tourists alike. – Wiki. “


“The plum blossom, prunus mei, was officially designated by the Executive Yuan of the Central Government to be the national flower of China on July 21, 1964.” EDITED



Remember the “Inner Peace” mentioned in KungFu Panda? I believe you will be able to find it out over there.

All shots were taken handheld during the dusk. Direct from the camera with some basic adjustments applied.

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