Lim + Melissa

My first ever church wedding assignment  😀 Special thanks to Lim & Melissa for given me the opportunity to be at their wedding.

Check out some of the photos~!

Lim & Melissa 1A

Lim & Melissa 1

Lim & Melissa 5

Lim & Melissa 2Lim & Melissa 3Lim & Melissa 4Lim & Melissa 6

Lim & Melissa 7Lim & Melissa 8ALim & Melissa 8Lim & Melissa 8BLim & Melissa 9

Lim & Melissa 10Lim & Melissa 11Lim & Melissa 11ALim & Melissa 11BLim & Melissa 12Lim & Melissa 13Lim & Melissa 13ALim & Melissa 14

Lim & Melissa 14ALim & Melissa 16Lim & Melissa 17Lim & Melissa 17ALim & Melissa 17BLim & Melissa 18

Lim & Melissa 19A

Instead of sharing more photos of beautiful entrance or romantic cake cutting shots, lets check out something fun at Lim & Melissa’s wedding dinner at the Royale Bintang, Damansara!

I am not a video guy and the short clips were randomly shot~ apologize for that.

Hope you guys like it!

6 thoughts on “Lim + Melissa

  1. Hi. Nice photos indeed! May I know how’s the wedding food in Royale Bintang Damasara? I am interest to held my wedding dinner there.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    • Hi Alicia! Apologies for the late reply!

      I’m not so sure about the food actually as i’m busy running around snapping photos >.< But from what i've seen and heard from the guests, it was good 🙂

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