Prai, Penang, Malaysia.

Finally, i attended a wedding dinner as a guest, is not that all this while we were not invited to any wedding dinner, but i personally thinks that bringing two babies along to a wedding dinner will be disastrous. The last wedding i attended was 2 years ago in Birmingham, U.K. This time we drove all way up to Prai, Penang, Malaysia for a cousin’s wedding dinner. Like always, i carried along with my all time favorite, the 50mm 1.8G, and this time a little extra, the 85mm 1.8G.

The paper board : Relatives from Teluk Intan

My little princess with grandma.

The big boy !

Shocking face!

My cousin and the beautiful bride.

Night night ~ 🙂

Morning sunshine~ : )

The next morning we visited the Bird Park.

Joeya decided to let my sister to take over her job with the x100.

Say ‘Hieee’ to the birdiessss ~~~ =D

They look alike too! =D

The weather was ‘a bit’ warm … ~

The dudes…

and ‘Lady’ ~

Couple? Maybe~

Er…angry bird? @.@

He said “NOPE,not one of the famous…”



Scroll down for some…


Good-day in Prai !

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