Fujifilm X100

Joeya and i have always wanted a smaller camera for daily usage, and coincidentally i have a chance to get this little wonder at a good price 🙂 And so, there you go! A new toy for my beloved wife~~~the Fujiflm X100 ! Just to clarify the 1st two photos of the X100  is taken by the D700.

Gorgeous looking isn’t it? We just love the classic vintage design, just like an old school film camera.

Front view with the hood attached. The normal package doesn’t comes with the hood, its an optional at extra cost.

First shot with the x100, still not use to all the buttons on it, not even the basic settings menu, so basically all the photos were took at AUTO mode. I just realised that there’s no AUTO for the aperture ( ‘F’ value ) which you have to manually adjust at the ring on the lens. Its a FUJINON 23mm (35mm equivalent) Single Focal Length Fixed F2 Lens, for those who have got a DSLR will know what that means.

All the shots were taken at F2 wide open!

It comes with a build in MACRO mode which can be found in the menu for some close shot. And there you get the BOKEH!

Colors and crispness of the image produce !

My little princess~ Still manage to get some sharp images even she was moving a lot.

Here comes the owner of this little wonder, Mdm Joeya! 35mm its just perfect for street photography and candids! You will get some really good out of focus effect.

Not that wide, but good enough after get use to that focal length.

Another close shot with the macro mode ! Sharp & BOKEH~!

Lastly a big smile for you all !

For just a day, we are totally in love with this little wonder ! Not just the size and weight, but the image quality it produce. Quote a sentence from Steve Huff for the X100, “It’s a joy to use and the output is amazingly nice.” Yes, no doubt it is!

11 thoughts on “Fujifilm X100

  1. I think the red on the Aperture and Shutter rings are for the auto settings. I’ve had mine since April and it is a great joy. The big letdown is the focusing – auto and maual!!

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