Alvin + Nicole = Alayna

” Hi~I am little Alayna.”

My 1st assignment to kick-off this hectic September, a casual baby & family portrait session at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was supposed to take place last month but sadly knowing that little Alayna fell sick, so we postponed it and finally we make it this time 🙂

Introducing the beautiful mummy, Nicole.

” I just want to spend time taking care of her no matter what it takes. ” – Nicole, a full-time mummy + 

And here comes the handsome daddy, Alvin.

I did not add in too much EFFECTS or COLOUR to the photos, just did some basic adjustments and so what you have seen is basically some really casual family portraits, but i just love it. Only natural lighting were considered and a simple 50mm prime lens that i’d used for the whole session.

“Personally I started to realise that a portraiture is not about how artistic it is, but to express the emotion in it. – Patrick Tan

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