We love where we are.

It seems to be a trend that marrying couples love to travel oversea for their pre-wedding photo-shoot and i totally agree that it will be an interesting experience for doing so, as well as a good chance for the honeymoon. The biggest difference i found between an “oversea” photo-shoot and a “local” one is the weather and “background characters” , the local here refers to Malaysia.

Obviously the weather is such a huge difference, we only have SUMMER here. And that’s the best part which we save a lot of money.

So since local marrying couples are traveling OUT, of cause we photographers hope that our country will be a good spot for foreign marrying couples to drop by for their pre-wedding or wedding too. ( Welcome to Malaysia ! ) Be honest, as a local photographer,  i love what we have here, it may not be the best yet, but we are improving. We have great buildings like the KLCC, many beautiful islands and beaches, and of cause, we have many great photographers around too! ( I am trying my best to become ONE of the best ! )

All the photos above were taken at the same spot, a historical chinese temple at Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia [ Previously “PRESSED” post about Teluk Intan @ HERE ]

This is where we grow up, and i believe if any local couples around here who are getting marry, this will be one of the best spot for a pre-wedding photo-shoot. It is a FACT that the temple is not well known like the Eiffel Towel or as beautiful as the Venice, but this is where we were born, and we love where we are.

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