Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia escapade !

Finally the long awaited trip to Langkawi had arrived ! It’s basically more of a family trip than a work-trip, not a relaxing one as there were quite SOME babies who came along and its always not easy when you are traveling in a big group, but anyway its still a fun experience, time spend with family will always be a good time  =)  Wokey, save the words and check out some of the photos~!

My son who always loves to be PRETTY.

My little nephew 🙂

Aw~my princess! =D

At last we checked in to the resort~ The Westin.

Being recommend by some local as one of the best food around in Langkawi, the “TEO” restaurant. Personal advice : If you wish to drop by during some public holidays or weekends, please make sure you are not THAT hungry and have plenty of time to sit down and enjoy your drinks. Personal experience : We waited for almost one and a half hour, and the main point was its not busy at all during that time.


The “Teo” ‘s all time favourite, roast duck.

What we did most of the time~swimming~~~

We visited “The Brasserie” on the next day for lunch. Its located next to Pantai Cenang.

Yummylicious appetiser~the scallops! My favourite~~~

Some sort of seafood soup, apologies for not remember the name of it >.<

And here comes the main, chicken wrap !

BBQ Spring chicken with some chips.

Right in front of The Brasserie.

I love you mummy & daddy =)


p/s : Happy 2nd anniversary my love.



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