Black Qi & Eric Cheng, the long distance couple.

The first job i get it done after the long break is this couple shoot assignment which has already been postponed for like two months? Really feel sorry to them and thank you so much for their understanding. And finally i get to meet them in person at Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. It was a pretty casual one as this is their 1st time having a session like this, as usual i kick-off the session by talking to them, just like a friend, at the same time started to snap some photos without their notice. Through the conversation i get to know that they actually talk to each other for the 1st time through the internet, and guess what, its going to be their 2nd anniversary this year. What really surprised me is that they are actually in a long distance relationship, between Singapore & K.L, Malaysia. Though it is not that ‘Long’ , but having to meet like one or twice a month may be quite a tough one for most couples. Anyway i think they did well for their 1st ever photo-shoot, and it was fun talking to them and seeing the couple making fun of each other.

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