The 14th day.

First of all, apologizes for all the job offered lately till mid May, I’d disappointed you guys. Reason ? I need to spend most of the time  with my wife and babies, newborn & “old-born”. Sounds pretty unprofessional, but what to do, I guess I love them more than anything else. By the way, special thanks to all my family members who helped us out taking care of both the “born-s” during free time, we love you guys, and the “born-s” love you too.

Okay, so let’s get back to me, there are friends asking if I am to spend all the time taking care of them, then obviously I will not have time to take photos? Me : This is the best season to take photo ! In fact its only once in a life time ! And for your information, I do not have to pay for the model ( or maybe yes, other way round… ) or make up artist, do not even bother to hire an assistant ( I have a ever-ready one… ) , not even need to think about the outfit ( oh…she is not going to wear one… ) , and i can shoot anytime without worrying about the model’s schedule ( She is staying with me! ).

So…let me present to you my FOC model & assistant.. **clap clap**

Ohhh… aren’t they lovely….

 Of cause there are problems when having a FOC model & assistant … and not so pro photographer, which is ME.

Lets check out more…

I am apologizing for the improper sign…

Things turn out to be a little better after a “milk-break”…

Wrap-up ! How long does it take for the set ? 45mins included the “milk-break”.

This is what I have been taking lately, I believe you guys will agree and support me to stay back and take more photos of this little angel. And of cause the main intention is to spend time with the love one and to take good care of them.

” There are too many choices and decisions to make ; when we gain something, do we lose something in return? Does it worth it? “

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