Remember why we start shooting?

Remember when was the 1st time you get your hand on a camera? And take your 1st photo? For me, no other reason, i started for  my family. For quite a while, all the photos i took were all of my family members.

What have always keep you passionate at taking great photos? I have seen friends around started to quit photography, selling off their gear just because they did not manage to get what they expect of becoming a “photographer”.

How about myself? Other than taking photos for the family, do i expect more than that? Of cause.

Started as a part-time photographer, i take all different kinds of portrait assignments. I love to deal with people, as their eyes tell stories. From them, i tend to learn, not only my photography skill improves, but learn about life experience.

What’s my greatest accomplishment up to now? Being “Pressed” on WordPress ! And being follow and Like by you guys.

How about in future? I wish to be one of the photographer that YOU’ll always remember and … ? I’ll keep you guys update when i’ve accomplish it.

I’ve been shooting for around 3 years ++ , but i never forget and drop out what i’ve always love to shoot that keeps my passion and motivates me to keep shooting.

“You’ll love to take more photos when you have SOMEONE you love that always pop up in your images.”

Always remember what makes you take your 1st photo, keep it fresh and on-going. It will definitely leads you to the greatest accomplishment that you never expect.

Enjoy shooting !

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