Cameron Highlands,Fifty @ Moriyama version

Spent the weekend with my beloved family at Cameron Highlands,Pahang,Malaysia. And the only lens i bring along for this trip was only the little prime,50mm. Its good to travel light when you have babies to take care, but sometimes you really wish to have a wider range when it comes to a great scenery right in front of you or at a tight space.

 Hope you guys like it 🙂

107 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands,Fifty @ Moriyama version

    • Those are some really stunning pictures! I never knew Malaysia was so beautiful! I love B&W. I actually have painted a few pictures in black and white. It’s a lot easier because the paints are easier to clean.

  1. Magnificent. The shots are truly beautiful – all of them. It’s almost like you can touch the texture, which is a great feat!

  2. What you did with that one simple lens is breath-taking. Everything is so rich in detail and texture, so much is going on in each picture. I could look at these for hours.

  3. Beautiful! You really have an eye for photography. Loved the post. Might be going to Malaysia this July but I don’t know if I’ll get to visit the Cameron Highlands :/
    Anyway, congratulations for being on Freshly Pressed!

    • Welcome to Malaysia! It will be great if you can make a visit there, just drop me a message if you need some friend to tour you around or help you out with the accommodation 🙂

      Thanks ya ! 🙂 It really meant a lot to me.

  4. Making Malaysia proud by being “pressed”. Always love a getaway at those hills and strawberry farms. Great work Patrick!

  5. I have a very scary memory of this place. IN about 1976 I was on holiday with a friend & were asked out by some locals. We were taken to the golf club house and given a meal and some very strong alcoholic beer. We got a bit freaked by it – seemed we were not really meant to be there so asked to go back to our hotel. We hitched a lift on a truck that had some boxes under a tarpaulin. As we sped along i asked what they were. We were told guerillas. We were too scared to sleep that night and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

    • So sorry to hear that, but that was 36 years ago,i guess during that time Cameron Highlands still kind of undeveloped yet,but its totally different now, i really wish you can drop by here again,and i’m sure it will definitely change your impression with this place 🙂

  6. Patrick, what camera did you use to take these photographs? Really nice monochrome work by the way, you get a real sense of the jungle atmospherics. Was it a particularly humid period when you were shooting?

  7. Remembered those days when I ventured with the school-mates to Cameron Highlands…a very long long ago. And still the beauty of it excited ’em all.

  8. You take very nice pictures and you have a nice black and white techniques on your images. Hope you had a nice trip and a nice shooting experience. Have a nice day = o)

  9. Great post, and congratulations on your “fresh-pressed” accomplishment! That isn’t likely to happen for me, as I post video guitar licks/solos and songs with tablature. Once again, congrats!

  10. We still fondly recall our trip to Malaysia, and our days in the Cameron Highlands–it looks little changed! I think we were at the Hoh Tea Co. and stayed in an odd remant of the British colonial era, Ye Old Smokehouse. Beautiful country, beautiful photos!

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