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After a year.

This photo was taken back in June 2011, where i just started my photography service, and also the very first time to work with Rishon. Few months later in November 2011, i’d got… Continue reading

Yu Jie in the house.

Spent the past weekend with my family & little Yu Jie for my sister’s birthday. These photos were taken early in the morning with natural sunlight from the window when he just woke-up.… Continue reading

A happening month, June 2012.

June 2012 is definitely a month full of surprise for me, first of all my first photography project 4am stories, Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia got fresh pressed on WordPress homepage, making it my second time after… Continue reading

4am stories, Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia.

” Teluk Intan(安順)is a town located in the state of Perak in Malaysia. It is the largest town in Hilir Perak district and third largest town in the state of Perak with an estimated population of around 120,000, about half… Continue reading

Laughter, the best medicine.

‘Romantic’ wedding hall.

Romantic = Low-light, a situation that is common during the wedding dinner especially when the pre-wedding or childhood montage is playing on the screen, i always try not to use the flash for… Continue reading

More re-touch with Dodge & Burn.

Photo Re-touch Cont’d – Dodge & Burn

Photo Re-touch Cont’d – Blending texture.

Trying out the blending technique with more textures into the RAW photo to create different background effect.  

Photo Re-Touch Cont’d.

Practice to be perfect~!

Simply happy.

The photo was taken at my hometown Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia when i am trying to cross the road and they passed by.   Make a wild guess, when do you think was… Continue reading

Princess with the fifty @ B&W style.

Rui Zhi,full-moon,26.5.2012

Happy Full-moon to Rui Zhi, my beloved daughter. Check out for the “peace” sign :D Always a sleeping beauty.

I am loving it,fifty.

I seriously like the 50mm prime, it is small,inexpensive and always deliver quality photos. Oops, forgot to clarify that the 50mm prime i am using is the 1.8G version :)

Go for a break with fifty.

Another shot by 50mm prime, same spot with the previous post. Look how frustrated she was, just like when I am force to wake up early on a Sunday morning, cause its suppose to… Continue reading

The 24th Day , fifty with natural lighting.

The photo was taken with a 50mm prime with available lighting from the windows during day time. Happy 24th day to my little princess.

The 14th day.

First of all, apologizes for all the job offered lately till mid May, I’d disappointed you guys. Reason ? I need to spend most of the time  with my wife and babies, newborn… Continue reading

Dear diary for you.

26th April 2012, 11.05 am, 1.5 cm Finished our McD breakfast and i am in the delivery suite with her, being her companion at the side, share the excitement, nervous but couldn’t share… Continue reading

Remember why we start shooting?

Remember when was the 1st time you get your hand on a camera? And take your 1st photo? For me, no other reason, i started for  my family. For quite a while, all… Continue reading

To the final countdown.

I went MIA for a while after my previous post being ‘Pressed’ on WordPress, thanks again to WordPress and of cause, to all those who likes my photos too, it seriously meant a… Continue reading

Cameron Highlands,Fifty @ Moriyama version

Spent the weekend with my beloved family at Cameron Highlands,Pahang,Malaysia. And the only lens i bring along for this trip was only the little prime,50mm. Its good to travel light when you have… Continue reading

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