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Random : Clouds

Look so much different when you’re above and underneath. Taken on the way back from GuangZhou with Fuji x100.

The photographer

I started as a family guy photographer like most of you out there which my very first intention getting involve in photography is to snap photos of my beloved family members. I got my… Continue reading


简单明了的介绍我自己,也是我最引以为傲的事, 我是两个孩子的爸!:D … 除了拥有一定的摄影技术,人像摄影最重要的,莫过于人与人之间的沟通,适当的对话和了解,可以让你的主角放松以展现最好的一面;不要以为初生宝宝不懂沟通,你的举动和眼神的交流,就是你给他/她的第一印象。 镜头前的你应该是最放松,最自然的,不要压抑自己的情感或肢体去迁就摄影师的要求,而是要求摄影师留住你最自然,最美的瞬间。 文/小陈老豆


The promo giveaway is back ! And once more we brought you the beautiful “Triple-Photo-Folio” ! Sign up your personal session @ RM480 and get one of this beautiful designed folio worth RM… Continue reading

From East Lake, Wuhan, China.

East Lake, on the 5th day of Chinese New Year. About the East Lake … ” East Lake (Chinese: 东湖; pinyin: Dōng Hú) is a large lake within the city limits of Wuhan, China, and the largest urban lake… Continue reading

Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia escapade !

Finally the long awaited trip to Langkawi had arrived ! It’s basically more of a family trip than a work-trip, not a relaxing one as there were quite SOME babies who came along… Continue reading

Remember why we start shooting?

Remember when was the 1st time you get your hand on a camera? And take your 1st photo? For me, no other reason, i started for  my family. For quite a while, all… Continue reading

Cameron Highlands,Fifty @ Moriyama version

Spent the weekend with my beloved family at Cameron Highlands,Pahang,Malaysia. And the only lens i bring along for this trip was only the little prime,50mm. Its good to travel light when you have… Continue reading

Moriyama Style

This set of photos were taken at my dad’s company which supplies building material. Its been here for almost 30 years,and this is where i grown up and used to play around during… Continue reading

Chinese New Year Family Portrait Promo! Final week for reservation!

CNY is a good chance to have a family portrait! I’ll be around @ Hutan Melintang/Teluk Intan, so drop me a message if you wish to take one at your lovely home~! **… Continue reading

January photoalbum giveaway for packages sign within this month!

We are giving out 40 pages beautiful designed printed photobook worth Rm280 to packages sign within this month !  The giveaway is applicable to : Couple / Pre-wedding / Personal Portrait / Baby /… Continue reading

New design for our dvd packaging.

Oh yeah! Finally done the 1st design stage for the dvd packaging! This is the newly designed dvd packaging for brand new year 2012! So sorry to previous clients who did not get… Continue reading

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